Create your own Instagram GIFS

After McDonalds Belgium introduced its GIFS to Instagram as part of a brand exposure campaign during the 2018 World Cup, I got curious on how GIFS could be introduced to Instagram Stories. This project documents the process of how this can be done.

Setting up your Giphy channel

First step is to create a Giphy account & channelSecond step is to get your channel upgraded to a brand channel. This is a manual process and is a simple as requesting the upgrade through emailing
As soon as support confirms the upgrade, you’re set.

Uploading your GIFS

Now upload your GIFS and tag them accordingly. Use combination of broad & specific tags. Broad so your GIFS can be picked up by people not knowing your brand but looking for a more generic terms. Specific so people who actually look for them can retrieve them easily within the thousands of available GIFS.

datalayerlove glennterprise

Leverage your GIFS in Instagram

It could take a couple of days before your GIFS show up within Instagram. Giphy uses rigorous approval processes for brands publishing for the first time. Once you’re an approved brand and your first batch has been approved the overall approval process for new GIFS is reduced to a couple of hours. In my case I have seen GIFS appear in Instagram in under 2 hours after uploading them on Giphy. Start by selecting the sticker button followed by the GIF icon.

Monitoring exposure

As a Giphy channel owner you will be able to measure GIF views for the GIFS created by you. No details are shared on where the GIFS are displayed as such, but it does provide a good overview on overall accumulated GIF views.

Glennterprise Giphy Dashboard