Podcasts for marketers & entrepreneurs

Sharing a couple of my favourite podcasts for marketers in order to ease your commute while getting smarter.

1. Growthmakers

Growthmakers a French podcast show by Gabriel Gourovitch. The focus of the podcast is mostly on hands-on operational topics with operations managers, VP’s of growth or rogue marketers leading business growth for some of the hottest brands & startups. Over the years people from Uber, Growth Tribe, The Family, N26, Buffer, Segment, Drift, Intercom, Madkudu, Lime & LeWagon have shared their tips & tricks on the show. A very hands-on podcast with immediately implementable operational tips.

2. Fixed That For You

Segment recently started to podcast. Their podcast looks at problems & challenges that are being solved using data & algorithms. Even though the problems are often times complex, the podcast focuses on the logic behind the problem solving rather than the technical aspect. An inspiring podcast that gives you a peek in the mind of people trying to solve surprising challenges. Segment’s Fixed That For You tackles such as preventing stampedes, dating & writing the perfect novel are being tackled.

3. Indie Hackers

The Indie Hackers podcast takes it a bit further than pure marketing. The podcast is built around conversations with founders of online businesses. Topics go from marketing to development, funding & culture. interesting all-round podcast.

4. Les Talks du Wagon

French podcast by the famous coding school LeWagon. Each week they invite an entrepreneur to share his or her story. Over the course of the podcast people from AB Tasty, Captain Train, eFounders, Techcrunch, Slite & Teads have shared their stories on the show.

5. Generation DIY

Generation DIY podcast

Generation DIY is another French podcast. It’s up the same alley as Growthmakers & Les Talks du Wagon in terms of style. In terms of topic it focuses more on the journey of people who dared to make the jump to start their own company and what they learned along the way.

6. This Week In Startups

Jason McCabe Calacanis invites entrepreneurs, founders, CEO’s & startup enthousiast on a weekly basis to discuss successes & failures. All topics are being touched upon. From funding to scaling to recruiting and growing. Companies such as Canva, Segment, JFrog, StyleSeat & TripActions have joined the show to share their experiences.