How Danish retailer Sportmaster created a culture where offline loves online

E-Commerce at Danish retailer Sportmaster

On the 22th & 23th June 2018 I was lucky to attend retail@Google. The event focuses on bringing together retailers from across EMEA to share experiences and fuel further digital transformation. Amongst many keynotes a particular case struck me. It was the presentation ofย Aleksander Due-Rasmussen, E-Commerce Director at Danish retailer Sportmaster and how they handled the situation on online versus offline.

Our online store has no revenue

That’s right. Bullet point 4 indeed says:

“Online store has no revenue”.

Sportmaster - Online & offline company culture

Of course products can be bought and revenue is generated. However, the online store isn’t the store to which that revenue is being attributed. What happens is that all revenue generated by the online store gets attributed to the physical store in the area where the user made the purchase. As a result, the online revenue dollars (Danish Krone actually) flow back to the offline store’s revenue posts. You could say that Sportmaster uses a geologically driven attributen model. The online store and the marketing as such are seen as omnichannel investments (and treated as such).

Online & offline are a team not competitors

An alternative title for this article could have been – “How Danish retailer Sportmaster killed the debate on online cannibalising offline” because that’s what actually happened to some extend.
I personally find this a very interesting interpretation of an omnichannel approach / philosophy / culture. I can only imagine that this way-of-working brings online & offline closer to each other exactly because online marketing is supporting the local stores. Well played Denmark, well played Sportmaster.