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Hacking the benefit of ad collision while losing the downside

What is ad collision & why it sucks

Ad collision is defined by Sizmek as:

Ad collision occurs when multiple ads from the same campaign — sometimes the same creative — are served at the same time for one page-load.

Ad collision is an industry-wide problem and occurs when your Demand-Side-Platform enters different auctions that happen on the same page and wins multiple, resulting in your ad appearing multiple times on the same page. This is considered a downside of programmatic media buying and occurs because the auctions occur so fast that DSP’s can’t communicate back on the already confirmed auction wins. This leads to what is called “unintended takeovers”.

Ad collision example
Ad collision example

Does ad collision have an upside?

Everyone hates ad collision from a media buying perspective as you’re spending more than you should in order to get your ad on a certain webpage. But what about the creative benefits? Could it be that ad collision allows advertisers to be so in your face that its benefits compensate for the loss in buying efficiency? Could it be that the repetition of ads close to each other draws the attention of the user more?

It could be that this was the hypothesis for the campaign run by The Nationale Loterij België.
The video below shows something remarkable. A skyscraper like format displays a single image, which is then deconstructed in two identical square banners. It immediately drew my attention as some form of colourful repetition took place on the right-hand-side of my screen.

However, the angle for this campaign was probably rather a creative one aiming to highlight the “double the chance to win” CTA. Still, the hypothesis that ad collision does have some benefit remains interesting and might even have served as inspiration. Curious to see if this could be tested any further.